Artist: Kha Trung
03:32:17 - 28/11/2012

   Kha Trung was born in the West (Kien Giang) of Vietnam in 1980. From an early age, art was his passion, and at age 14 he began to take lessons. He had studied under several famous artists, in who that convey to him most is the famous artist Nguyen Hoa Tuoi. He opened his gallery in 2005 in Ho Chi Minh city.
   Kha Trung is inspired by small moments of nostalgia an happiness. Which he witnesses among the less affluent in Vietnam. He often walks around city and the rural areas, in search of from the noise and traffic of the city.
  “I love all about fine arts, especially painting. I found it my passion in the whole life. With painting can be myself and do what I want. I can fly with dreams and ideas, freely express my feelings and thoughts and even destroy what I don’t want” said by artist.
    2007  Group exhibition at Park Hyatt Saigon
    2009  Group exhibition at Intercontinental Asiana Saigon hotel
     organized by VietNam gallery
    2010   Group exhibition “The Beauty of Vietnam Though Art” in Ha Noi
    2012   He was on 46 artist Top whose paintings showed at The
National Museum of Fine arts.
Works are in private collections in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, the United States of America and many different diplomatic delegations present in Vietnam